Solar Heat Reflection, UV Health Protection, and Added Security


Tinted Blinds was created after we began to notice that our family, friends and neighbours were living in the dark by continually shutting their window coverings due to the suns intense rays. We realized that old solutions such as blinds and curtains did not provide any true heat reduction or energy saving benefits. It wasn’t until one hot summer day that we found our sons room was a staggering 30 + degrees while the AC was working hard to keep a steady temperature. Enough!!!!


We knew that our car windows helped to reduce the internal heat. We also understood that wearing sunglasses helped to reduce the glare and block UV rays. Therefore, we began to research ways to armour our windows in purposeful and cost effective way. It was at that time, Tinted Blinds was established.


Tinted Blinds allows ambient light to enter your home and business with comfortable temperatures while continuing to view the outdoors. Our clients immediately see a clear visual change in the colours outside while their eyes feel more at ease with the reduced glare and decreased heat.


Tinted Blinds is a family owned business serving the Durham Region and the GTA, Ontario, Canada.


Trevor Greenall is with you from start to finish. He is the owner, window film educator and installer. Trevor’s clients learn the features and benefits of each film and ensures that each project receives the right product for their needs.


We help our clients understand the residential and commercial benefits which provide an eco friendly approach to saving money through the reduction of energy use. Our films help to ensure family and employee health, safety and comfort. We offer high quality solar films, privacy frosts, security window film options, and temperature control films that allow the beauty of light to enter our residential and commercial buildings without the negative effects of the sun.

Common clients that install solar films are:

  • suburban homes with close neighbours (require privacy)
  • southern facing homes with intense heat entering windows (require heat rejection)
  • businesses that wish to have added heat reflection, glass protection and glare reduction
  • boats (reflection from the water)
  • ski chalets (reflection from the snow)
  • cottages (reflection from the water)


Before spending thousands on new windows that will still not resolve your issues consider spending a fraction of the price on solar films.